India VS Australia, 3rd test day 2 was totally Nathan’s

 As the toss was won by India and India chose to bat first. The Indore audience cheered for the team India and the fan’s hopes were high for the star players. But disappointily they couldn’t be performed as the fans expected them to perform today.

But surprisingly Pujara did come up with a plan to score a decent run for Australia to chase. With him making his 35th half-century in test cricket. Pujara scored 59 runs in 142 balls with a strike rate of 42 and Iyer added his part in adding up runs. As our players were struggling with the pitch to bat and the other side Nathan Lyon was on a streak to take wickets with his spectacular bowling.
This Right handed bowler somehow managed to take 8 wickets in the match with his bowling. As the stumps were falling, India had no other choice but to watch.

Australia being continuously dominating India did show an intense fight in their second innings. Australia is trying to turn the tables around despite their batting failure on the earlier day. Nathan’s 8-wicket haul made team Australia gain the upper hand later in the match. As team India is leading with a total runs of 75, Australia needs 76 runs to make the series. Will the Australian players succeed? will team India let the Australia team make the series?