Don’t feed stray dogs says University of Hyderabad


    The university of hyderabad noticed the students and staff had not fed the stray dogs inside the campus. A notice was given to all the college staff and students on Monday march 6 that feeding any stray dog is strictly prohibited inside the campus.

    This rule is made because of the death of a 4-year-old boy named Pradeep who got attacked by stray dogs and the boy was killed in the attack on the 19th of February. Later the boy’s family got consoled by the city mayor after two days after the incident took place and handed over an amount of rupees 9,71,900 to the victim’s family.

    The union ministry of health and family welfare announced in Lok sabha that more than 80,200 plus dog bite cases were taken place in the year 2022. The university also said that they are coordinating with the Greater Hyderabad municipal corporation(GHMC).

    The university notification has also mentioned that to avoid any kind of pack of stay dogs on their way. And not to go around alone if they came across a group of dogs and to keep noticed to the administration to deal any kind of problem-related to the stray dogs inside the campus.