The gruesome murder of Naveen in the name of love by Harihara Krishna

This spine-chilling crime happened on the 17th of February at Pedda Amberpet. As 21 years old Harihara Krishna and 22 years old Naveen we’re friends Naveen was in the final year of his engineering at mahatma gandhi university, Nalgonda.

This was a pre-planned murder which was almost in action for 2 months as Krishna purchased a steel knife 2 months before this incident. As Naveen and Krishna were intermediate batch mates and Krishna invited Naveen to the party to get together but for some reason, Naveen didn’t make it up to the party. But unluckily Naveen was later picked up by Krishna at LB nagar and they also had lunch together that afternoon.

After this Naveen was offered Krishna to drop him at the college and they headed to nalgonda. Around 9 pm of time, Krishna purchased a half bottle of whiskey and they got drunk at the wine shop itself. Then Krishna told to naveen to sleep at his house and leave in the morning. Sadly naveen doesn’t know that his friend was planning to do something which none of them have thought.

Later Naveen and Krishna went to Krishna’s house and Krishna purposefully brought up the topic of Naveen’s former girlfriend and Krishna’s current girlfriend. The argument got heated up and as the drunken Naveen was unaware of his plan for Krishna and they had a fight and Krishna strangled naveen to death and later he mutilated Naveen’s lips, fingers, opened up his heart and other private organs too.

After completely mutilating Naveen’s body he then stuffed his parts in a bag and dumped them on a roadside.

After Naveen’s family started suspecting Krishna he tried to avoid them by travelling to Warangal and other places. After knowing there is no way to escape Krishna decided to surrender to the police on 24th February.

The case is still being investigated and the police have already got the proof to prove that this was a pre-planned murder.