Close call for Telangana congress president Revanth Reddy

This accident took place today while Revanth reddy was going to inspect the sripada yellampalli project in Peddapalli distict as a part of his “Yatraforchange”. The resaon behind this accident was that while revanth was travelling at a high speed with his convoy, they got crashed into one of their own vechile which was followed by other vehicle’s as all of them were at a high speed and collided into each other. As the the people witnessed the accident had said that Revanth had some minor injuries and the air bags saved him from getting hurt.

But this didnt

stopped Revanth from his journey and he later continued in a different vehicle to inspect the progress of canal works at the sripeda yellampalli project. Later Revanth shared his thoughts on why the work is stopped due to the negligence of the contractor. He also said that the contractor who is a friend of Telangana IT minister KTR and later also stated that KTR is the reason for slow progress of the project related works.