A heated argument killed an innocent gas station worker

This incident took place at late night on the city outskirts of Hyderabad city near Narsingi on March 6th. A group of three men came to the gas station late at night and asked the station staff for fuel. The gas station staff politely told the three that they have been closed for today. The three managed to request the staff to fill the vehicle with fuel by telling them that they have to travel a long distance and need the fuel.

The staff got convinced and filled their vehicle with fuel. After filling the vechile the two employees asked them to pay the amount for the fuel. One of them gave a credit card to swipe the amount but the employee told them that they don’t have a swiping machine to swipe the card. An argument took place between the both and the customer started assaulting one of the employees for not having the swiping machine. One of the employees confronted the customer not to assault them. The customer got furious about this and one of the customers landed a hard punch on the employee’s head and the employee got collapsed on the spot.

After the employee got collapsed the three customers escaped in their car. The employee was taken to the hospital but the doctors told them that the employee is dead. Police have issued a search warrant for the three and started to track them down three ASAP. One of the three accused had a past violent history by attacking one of the media persons in the past too.