Divorce Photoshoot Spreading Like Wildfire On The Web

divorce photoshoot

Pre-wedding, wedding, and pregnancy shoots have been shown. A frank divorce photoshoot? If not, you’ll be surprised. A lady took candid images of her spouse, which went popular on social media.

The lady is seen drinking while shredding her wedding photographs with her spouse. She’s cheerful. Shalini, a TV actress known for “Mullum Malarum” and “Super Mom,” She married Riaz and had Riya. Shalini filed for divorce a few months ago, accusing her spouse of mental and physical abuse.

Shalini ripped a picture of her and her husband carrying a bottle of booze on social media images. “I have 99 problems, but a husband ain’t one” reads the placard woman clutches in this photo. In one shot, Shalini playsfully crushes her wedding photo with her foot. Social media users are predicting first-night photoshoots to soon follow.