Can the Gowtham Thinnanuri maximise this crazy combination?

Tollywood Young Director Gautham Thinnanuri lead a handsome duo in his First Film Malli Rava. his second film, “Jersey,” was a hit. The Ram Charan movie was cancelled for unexplained reasons. Now, He partnered with Vijay Deverakonda. This production is funded by Sitara Entertainments and stars Sreeleela. The Wednesday puja was spectacular.

This movie’s Vijay-Sreeleela pairing excites everyone. Vijay is a handsome actor. He performs effectively and should be used properly. Sreeleela, Tollywood’s hottest heroine. Her gorgeous appearance, dynamic dancing, and sweet reactions have earned her a fan favourite.

She works with young and star heroes. The audience would like viewing them on TV since they looked terrific during the puja ritual. Gautham’s presentation will assure success. We’ll see.