Is the Maruthi-Prabhas Film a Comedic Delight?

Prabhas is filming a Maruti-directed film without official updates. Movie genre is unknown. Mahesh, who worked on “Rangasthalam,” recently divulged some film facts. Mahesh said Prabhas’s film would be funny like Maruti’s films.

Prabhas’s strong energy, evident in Mr. Perfect and Darling, is also anticipated in this production. Balakrishna hosted Prabhas on Unstoppable. Mahesh said Prabhas would look similar, if not more fashionable, in Maruti’s film.

Mahesh also revealed that, much like previous years, there is a food festival taking place on the set of the movie. He claimed that Prabhas is bringing meals from his home for everyone of the cast and crew working on the film.

Prabhas even brought Mahesh on stage at one point and questioned him about the dish he enjoyed eating the most. After hearing Mahesh say that he like mutton, Prabhas decided to cook a number of different meals with mutton and then offer them to Mahesh the next day.