Prabhas’ Nickname is Revealed by Anuskha

Prabhas is a well-known actor all over India, and Anushka Shetty is a well-known actress who has been working for a long time. They have worked together in hit films like “Billa,” “Mirchi,” “Baahubali,” and “Baahubali 2.”

Even though rumours are going around in the media and on social media that the two are dating, they have both denied the rumours. Fans were excited and praised when the teaser for Anushka’s new movie, “Miss Shetty and Mr. Polishetty,” came out. After a long time away, Prabhas congratulated Anushka on social media.

She thanked him and gave him a cute nickname. She also called him “Pupsuuuu,” which is her cute pet name for him. This has gotten a lot of attention online, and some people think that they may have gotten back together.

Recently, there have been rumours that Kriti Sanon and Prabhas are dating, and their relationship has become a popular topic on the internet. People want to know who Prabhas’s new girlfriend is, but they also talk a lot about his friendship with Anushka Shetty. Anyway, now that this nickname is out in the open, we need to find out how many people would like to call him that.