The Kerala Story Review: Adah Sharma and Sudipto Sen are praised for showing “bitter truths,” and fans call Sudipto Sen the “Satyajit Ray of the 21st century.”

The Kerala Story Review

The very controversial movie The Kerala Story is going into its world premiere today. The video examines the process by which young women of many religious backgrounds were radicalised by terrorist organisations into adopting Islam as their religion of choice. The producers of the film updated the teaser that was hosted on YouTube, which previously said that 32,000 girls were missing in Kerala.

According to reports, the director Sudipto Sen is working on a film about four women who found themselves detained in Afghanistan. Concerning the movie, there has been a great deal of uproar recently. The Public Interest Litigation (PIL) that requested a ban was dismissed by the Madras High Court. It would seem that just a select number of copies are being made available in the major cities of Kerala.

The films Aasma and The Last Monk are only two examples of the previous work that Sudipto Sen has done as a director. SOCIAL MEDIA VERDICT ON THE KERALA STORY There are a few important life lessons that may be taken away from the film, as stated by comments made by audience members on a variety of social media sites. It would seem that some components are really scary.

On the other hand, a lot of individuals have pointed out that several portions of the text are exceedingly debatable. The person who made the film has said that he is against terrorist attacks in general and not against any one religion in particular.