Chay’s Response Hurts Parashuram Deeply

naga chaitanya and parashuram

Renowned for films like as Geetha Govindam and Sarkaru Vaari Pata, Director Parasuram’s project with Akkineni Naga Chaitanya was officially recognised almost a year ago; however, the project did not come to completion amidst a variety of rumours and conjecture. Some reports said that the actor quit because of problems with the screenplay, while others suggested that he was dissatisfied with his role. In an exclusive interview, the director has elaborated on Naga Chaitanya’s position, despite previous reports suggesting that he would avoid making big alterations to the storyline.

The teaser trailer for the forthcoming film Custody starring Naga Chaitanya was published the other day, on May 5th, and received accolades from both fans of the actor and film reviewers alike for its amazing production and intensity. In a recent interview to promote the movie, the actor was asked what the troubles with Parusuram had been. The question was posed to promote the movie.

The hero gave an honest response, saying that “talking about this topic is a waste of time and that there is nothing to explain—no specific explanation, just lost effort.” After that, he begged nicely to go on to another issue since, in his opinion, all that needed to be said regarding the topic had already been expressed. It would seem that Naga Chaitanya ran into some difficulties while working with the filmmaker in question.

After waiting for a significant amount of time to get the screenplay and cooperate, he grew upset when his efforts were not appreciated. This caused him to lose patience. When some time had passed, Parasuram left for Mahesh Babu, leaving Chay behind. Due to his outburst, other heroes may be hesitant to give him screenplays or approach him for his participation in their films. While this response is natural, it has the potential to have implications on his future possibilities.