Nani Is Trying to Achieve Success Using Rajamouli’s Recipe

SS Rajamouli is now the most successful filmmaker working in India. Many point to a variety of causes for Rajamouli’s success, but the master filmmaker himself acknowledges one major factor that has been overlooked. There is never a retread of a genre in one of Rajamouli’s films. Following Magadheera, he performs a Maryada Ramanna. Following the events of Baahubali, he moves on to RRR.

The focus of RRR is not on elaborate sets or action scenes. As a result, there is no possibility of comparison. Nani, in his own unique style, is likewise adhering to the aforementioned formula. The three members of Nani’s most recent lineup, Shyam Singha Roy, Ante Sundaraniki, and Dasara, bring something unique to the table.

The film Dasara is a hugely ambitious project for Nani, both in terms of its magnitude and the transformation she underwent for it. Nevertheless, he does not remain faithful to the style and makes an effort at an emotional drama in his next film, #Nani30.

He abandoned Dasara despite the fact that it was quite successful, and he did not continue to take pleasure in the success forever. He moved his focus in silence to #Nani30. Because of this, there is no possibility of comparison, and in addition, the audience will enjoy the diversity.