Hindi Adipurush is better compared to Telugu in this aspect.


The trailer for the highly anticipated movie Adipurush, which stars Prabhas and Kriti Sanon, came out on Tuesday, and it has already caused a lot of buzz. People liked this trailer and said it was better than the teaser, which got a lot of negative feedback from internet users. The preview was made available in many languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam, among others.

Some people didn’t like how Prabhas changed the pitch of his voice in the Telugu version of the movie. The way he spoke and how he said the lines of dialogue didn’t have the effect that was meant. On the other hand, the Hindi version is getting more praise than it did before in this area. In the Hindi version, the well-known Bollywood actor Sharad Kelkar plays Prabhas and also gives the character’s voice.

His voice is so powerful that just hearing it once sends chills through the crowd. In earlier versions of Baahubali, Sharad gave Prabhas’s character a voice. One of the things that led to Prabhas’s meteoric rise to fame across all of India was that he was dubbed. When Prabhas used his own voice instead of Sharad Kelkar’s in the Hindi version of Saaho and Radhe Shyam, many people missed hearing Sharad Kelkar’s voice.

Om Raut made a great choice when he asked Sharad Kelkar to do a voice dub for Prabhas in the movie Adipurush. The act that Prabhas gives will be lent a great deal of weight by his voice.