Is Mudragada Join in YSRCP Party?

The leader of the Kapu party, Mudragada Padmanabham, has hinted that he will soon tell te public about his plans for the future of his political career. In a letter he sent to the public on Wednesday, he talked about how upset he was that political parties were using the Kapu reserve issue to get people to vote for them.

He put a lot of weight on the idea that people’s minds need to change before they can change the way political leaders think. He asked the general public to work towards a time when politics would be more open. In order to get people to like him, he talked about how important it was to limit how much money was spent on elections and told politicians to avoid doing anything unethical that had to do with the political process.

He talked about how his grandfather, father, and himself had all been involved in politics,  and how none of them had done it to get rich. I have a lot of respect for the courts,” he said, thanking them for the way they handled the Tuni train fire case by letting all of the “innocent” people go free.

Insiders  say that there are signs that his next statement will be about his likely membership in the YSRCP. This announcement is expected to happen soon.