Naga Chaitanya: Custody Movie Review & Rating

naga chaitanya custody movie review

NagaChaitanya: Actors : Akkineni Naga Chaitanya, Kriti Shetty, Arvind Swamy, Sarath Kumar, Priyamani, Sampath Raj etc.
Cameraman : Kadir
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja, Ilayaraja
Producer : Srinivas Chitturi
Director : Venkat Prabhu
Release Date : 12 May 2023

Custody is Naga Chaitanya’s first movie with director Venkat Prabhu, who is known for making many different kinds of movies. Chaitu plays a police officer in the movie, and Kriti Shetty plays the Heroine character. The trailer and teasers for the movie have gotten a lot of attention, and the movie RELEASED TODAY. This movie had experienced actors like Arvind Swamy and Sarath Kumar, and a lot of people were interested in seeing it. And with this review, let’s find out how this movie affected the people who saw it.
Story: This is the tale of a honest police officer called Siva (Naga Chaitanya), a rude CBI agent (Sampath), a rowdy sheeter who lives with the chief minister (Arvind Swamy), and a boisterous police officer (Sarath Kumar). A lover of Shiva (Kritishetti), she agrees to marry another man (Vennela Kishore). How is our hero going to get her?
Actors: It is unavoidable to point out that Naga Chaitanya’s performance as Shiva in this film was one of the most taxing aspects of the actor’s career. He impressed by appearing excellent while maintaining the solemn appearance required of the role. He gave off the impression of being at ease and had a higher level of skill than in the last movie. Kriti Shetty had an excellent performance as well. In both the love and the combat moments, she had far less skill than Chaitu. The film is improved by the glitz and gestures of Kriti Shetty. This film’s primary selling point is Arvind Swamy’s performance. Several conversations are stilted. And Sarath Kumar’s performance as a law enforcement official was commendable. In their respective parts, Priyamani, Sampath Raj, Prem Ji Amaren, Premi Vishwanath, and Vennela Kishore all gave strong performances.
Technicians: It is well knowledge how good the films of filmmaker Venkat Prabhu are. This film’s director introduces an original idea, setting it apart from the typical kind of mass-market film. Even after crafting a fresh plot, he was unable to portray it in a way that was exciting on the screen in the correct way. The movie’s other technicians who worked on the production is not in jeopardy. It is unfortunate to report that the audience did not connect with the songs, and overall, this movie is not recommended. Famous music directors like Ilayaraja and Yuvan Shankar Raja were involved in the making of this film, but their usual magic did not work for it. It’s good to have music in the background. Both the editing and the cinematography are really well done. The production values of Srinivasa Chitturi are very amazing.
Verdict: The film Custody is Eventually one that is not easy to sit through. The plot is quite simplistic, there are flaws in the writing, and there are sequences that make no sense, which contribute to the overall impression that the movie is not very good. In spite of the fact that the cast includes several very talented performers, none of the parts are deserving of their reputations.
Rating : 2.25/5