Did Boyapati make a mistake On Ram’s Makeover?

Ram Pothineni is one of Tollywood’s most attractive actors right now. He has just broken into the mainstream with films like “Ismart Shankar” and “Warriorr,” as well as his upcoming work with “Boyapati Sreenu.” The makers of the Boyapati-directed film put Ram on a brand-new poster that came out today.

Ram has changed a lot for the movie, and it’s clear that the changes are big. But the problem is that the poster shows him in an odd way. Some people online say that he looks like he has bulges and that his face doesn’t look its best because he seems to have too much edoema. In addition to the hairstyle, the beard and hairstyle both make the commoners feel bad. The whole makeover Ram tried to do but failed at is shown on the poster.

Still, it’s important to stress that this billboard alone can’t be used to make a decision about the movie. Boyapati is known for giving his heroes a whole new look, something that is best seen on the big screen. People who like Boyapati films are crossing their fingers that this poster is just a fluke and that Ram will look as big as usual in the movie.

Even though the audience hasn’t been very nice about Ram’s new look on the poster, the real test will be how he looks in the movie. Boyapati is known for giving his heroes popular and up-to-date looks. The people watching the movie want Ram to go through the same thing. On May 15, which is Ram’s birthday, a trailer for the next movie will be shown. This will help you figure out how Ram looks in the movie.