Fire destroys film studio where Tunisha Sharma died.

An official stated on Saturday that a fire that broke out in the Palghar region of the Indian state of Maharashtra was responsible for the destruction of a film studio that had recently been in the news due to the death of a prominent actress named Tunisha Sharma. The incident began around midnight on Friday at Bhajanlal Studios in Kaman, Vasai, which is outside of Bombay, according to fire department officials.

According to an employee of the Vasai-Virar City Municipal Corporation’s fire department, the conflagration was extinguished around four in the morning on Saturday. According to his statement, the origin of the fire has not yet been determined. On December 24, 2022, the corpse of 21-year-old actress Tunisha Sharma was discovered hanging from the ceiling of a restroom on the set of the television series “Ali Baba: Dastaan-E-Kabul.”

The location where the event took place was Bhajanlal Studios. The following day, her former partner and co-star, Sheezan Khan, who is now 28 years old, was arrested on a charge of providing material support. On March 5, he paid the required bond and was released from prison.

Khan has recently relocated to South Africa in anticipation for his appearance on a popular reality television show there. The court has permitted him to pursue employment opportunities in other nations.