Karnataka win is celebrated by Telangana Congress.

On Saturday, May 13, celebrations were conducted to commemorate the triumph of the Congress party in the Karnataka Assembly elections. Telangana party leaders and party members participated in the festivities. The victory was achieved the previous day. As soon as the Congress contingent in Telangana learned of their success, the entire facility erupted in jubilation.

As soon as it became evident that the Telangana Congress party was making significant progress towards obtaining a majority, celebrations began at Gandhi Bhavan in Hyderabad, the party’s headquarters. The Gandhi Bhavan is in Hyderabad. Gandhi Bhavan is situated in the metropolis of Hyderabad. In the distance, percussion could be heard, while those labouring at the celebration could be seen dancing in the foreground.

In addition to their party emblems, many party employees attended the celebration while wearing caricatures of Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. The celebration was conducted in honour of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, the first woman to be elected president of the Congress. As the gathering became enthusiastic, Congress employees could be seen setting off fireworks and distributing out confectionery. Moreover, witnesses reported observing them distribute pyrotechnics.

As a means of commemorating their accomplishments, a number of the party’s staff members participated in a cycle rally. Party in-charge for Telangana Manikrao Thakare, along with the state Congress chairman A Revanth Reddy and other officials, performed a pooja at a temple to express gratitude and appreciation. They were optimistic that the Congress party would be able to achieve a similar level of success in Telangana, where elections are scheduled to take place later this year.