The Hindi version of Tollywood’s Chatrapathi is a Disaster!

bellamkonda chatrapathi

Most of Bollywood audience has exhibited in Telugu material has increased recently. Yet, maintaining the original Telugu flavour in a style akin to RRR and Pushpa is tough. On this subject, the Hindi version of Chatrapathi, in which Bellamkonda Srinivas portrays the title character, had its world debut today to overwhelmingly negative reviews.

The Bollywood film industry has been quite severe in its condemnation of Chatrapathi. There is also some reason to be concerned about word of mouth. The studies show that there are very few employment possibilities, which is nearly unheard of. Due to the significant number of YouTube subscribers his Hindi-dubbed films have gathered, Srinivas is able to control a respectable portion of the Hindi digital industry.

With the translation of Prabhas and Rajamouli’s hit movie Chatrapathi, he had high hopes that he would be able to convert this into his Hindi theatre market, but it turned out to be a horrible disaster. He was really certain that he could do this. The Chatrapathi adaptation has been called one of the worst films to come out in recent years by a number of Hindi-language reviewers.

It’s likely that adapting a well-known film at first glance would appear to be a risk-free decision, but you’ll need to show some creativity if you want to draw in a new audience. It is clear that VV Vinayak and Srinivas have been a complete and absolute failure on this front.