Cannes Film Festival 2023: Shock to Rajamouli’s RRR…Sunny Leone’s sudden entry.

The RRR movie, which made the Indian Telugu Cinema known all over the world. Even though this movie won an Oscar and got a lot of attention, it did not do well at the Cannes Film Festival. But this film won’t be shown. Instead, Kennedy’s film will be shown. Anurag Kashyap, one of the most well-known directors in Bollywood, was director of this movie. Sunny Leone plays the lead role. In addition, there will be showings of some Indian films. But it will be a surprise to everyone that RRR won’t get this chance.

The Cannes Film Festival officially starts today. That will keep going until Saturday. Even though this event takes place in France, the parties in the city of Cannes are some of the biggest in the country. The unique selling point of the festival is that it treats the event itself as a kind of art. The Cannes Film Festival is known for being the only event of its kind that can bring together all of the most talented film producers, directors, actors, and technicians for a party. The people on the jury for this film festival will be experts in all areas of the business.

As usual, Indian celebrities will dazzle the crowd with their beautiful looks at this event. Anushka Sharma is a well-known Bollywood actress who is married to the famous Indian cricket player Virat Kohli. She has said that she would like to go to the famous Cannes Film Festival this year, and she is currently on her way there. Everyone in Indian cricket knows that Kohli is one of the players with the most promise.

When fans at the stadium saw her blowing kisses to her husband Virat while he was playing for Bengaluru Royal Challengers in the Indian Premier League, they whistled at her. Virat was playing for Bengaluru Royal Challengers. Virat is currently playing for the Royal Challengers Bangalore team. She likes the team Bangalore Royal Challengers, which is one of the teams in this competition. This year is the first time this beautiful actress will walk the red carpet at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. France will be the site of the event. A lot of attention will also be paid to actresses like Manushi Chillar and Sara Ali Khan. Cannes Film Festival 2023.