Effect of Shaakuntalam on Adipurush

Adipurush’s much awaited world debut, which was supposed to happen at the Tribeca Film Festival, has been postponed. The movie’s screenings at the festival will now coincide with its US premieres, which were earlier scheduled to happen on June 13 in New York City. Questions about the audience’s response have been brought up as a consequence of the producers’ reluctance to provide an official explanation for the worldwide premiere’s delay.

Some critics surmise that the directors may be worried about how negative reviews would hurt the movie’s box office performance. Nonetheless, those in control made a wise decision. A few weeks earlier, Shaakuntalam’s producers had paid premieres three to four days before the movie was released to the general audience. After their debuts, there was a terrible buzz.

Several people opted not to buy tickets after learning about the premiere, which had a big influence on the money taken in on the first day.It’s difficult to think that Dil Raju, who is renowned for being a shrewd producer and distributor, would still approve of early premieres after viewing Shaakuntalam.

How could he have overlooked the fact that permitting early screenings would utterly eliminate the film’s slim possibility of becoming a box office success? Adipurush’s US premieres will now happen in the usual way, just like for all of the other films. Even though they have a movie that has a lot of potential for success, they do not want to take the danger of having a premiere three days before the movie is released.