Himani Shivpuri says Salman Khan a “prankster”

In a recent interview, Himani Shivpuri discussed her experience working with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan on the movie “Hum Aapke Hain Koun.” the seasoned actress was thinking back to a time when she had the opportunity to collaborate with a well-known actor. Salman was described to as a “prankster” by Shivpuri in the constraints of an interview he gave to Rajshri Productions.

She was used during the conversation. She casually said that she was filming her first scene for the movie, and not long after that, he was cast as the lead. She accidentally revealed that she was recording her scene. As soon as he arrived, he shouted “Chachi jaan!” and as soon as he did, he grabbed her and took her away in his arms.

The actress said she was surprised by the circumstance since she usually participates in rehearsals to be ready for her parts. She hadn’t, however, since she hadn’t been given the chance to do so for this specific position. She was surprised by the situation when she learned this. In spite of this, the actress decided to go through with the plan, and ultimately the sequence was included to the film that was shown in theatres.

Himani claims that they often engaged in the practise of improvising in order to add more depth to their explanations. Shivpuri also says that she and the other cast members had a great time on the set while they were filming the show. For all of them, according to her, this was the experience’s high point.