Shani Jayanti 2023: Find out what parts of your life Saturn rules.

Why are certain elements of your life stagnant while others thrive? Saturn encourages hard work, discipline, responsibility, and karma. Shani Jayanti, Saturn’s birthday, is May 19, 2023. Let’s study how Saturn impacts our life and how to balance its energy according to your zodiac sign.

Aries: Saturn may hinder career. Saturn may provide long-term prosperity if good. Caution may postpone financial goals. Saturn may help hard work yield moderate growth.

Taurus: Saturn makes you study. Conservative and interested in religion and philosophy. You strive for professional success. Methodical and career-focused, you work.

Gemini: Saturn needs spiritual or psychological modifications. Remove old behaviours, beliefs, and attachments. Saturn may also indicate academic discipline. It emphasises organised learning, thorough study, and a solid philosophical foundation. It encourages travel planning.

Cancer: Saturn controls marriage, business, and relationships. It may deepen connections. It may increase marriage and long-term responsibilities. Saturn advises prudence with shared assets and investments. You may like introspection and subconscious patterns.

Leo: Saturn makes you accountable. Tenacity can solve workplace issues. Be healthy too. You may seek long-term ties. Saturn slows marriage or relationships.

Virgo: Saturn controls creativity, romance, and education. Methodically approach art. Saturn may cause love apprehension. You may like constancy in relationships. You may like analytical, thorough topics. Saturn provides you precise, hard-working assignments.

Libra: Saturn governs home, family, roots, emotional stability, and property. You may lead your family due of responsibility. Emotions may be serious. Saturn rules self-expression, romance, children, and speculation. Saturn emphasises parenting.

Scorpio: Saturn controls siblings, intellect, and communication. Saturn deepens these spots. Hence, you may communicate and listen deliberately. Saturn governs home, family, roots, emotions, and death. Hence, family management may be necessary.

Sagittarius: Saturn governs prosperity, values, possessions, and self-worth. You may be cautious with money and possessions. You value fiscal responsibility. Saturn rules your passions, aggressiveness, younger siblings, and strong sense of responsibility.

Capricorn: Saturn controls your self-image, looks, and demeanour. You’re serious, practical, and responsible. You’re decisive. Saturn governs family and economy. Home and money issues mature.

Aquarius: Saturn influences health, attitude, and lifestyle. You get timid. Responsible, practical, and disciplined. Your psychology and life may also interest you. Private life may appear constrained or lonely.

Pisces: Saturn governs connections, aims, and wants. You may want long-term, loyal connections. You’re driven. Saturn governs spirituality, psychology, and self-realization. You may feel accountable for spiritual growth.