After speaking out against ‘anti-nationals,’ Kangana claims she lost Rs 30 to 40 crore.

Kangana Ranaut shared a quote from Elon Musk on her Instagram stories. Musk said, “I’ll say what I want, and if that means losing money, so be it.” Musk was talking about the fact that he might lose money if he said what he thought. The connection was made between what Elon said and what Kangana said. Some companies decided to stop using her as a brand ambassador because she spoke out for “true freedom and accomplishment” and Hinduism. She said that she had lost between 30 and 40 crore Indian rupees.

This is character, real freedom, and success. Speaking out for Hinduism and against politicians, anti-nationalists, and the Tukde Gang cost me 20–25 brand sponsorships. The companies dropped me overnight, which costs her 30–40 cr each year. “Speaking out for Hinduism and against politicians, anti-nationalists, and the Tukde gang cost me 20–25 brand sponsorships.”

She told me, “But I am free to say what I want, and nothing should stop me. Especially not foreign companies with hidden agendas and CEOs who hate India’s culture and honesty and run their companies as corporate brands…” She is free, she said, and nothing should stop her from saying what she wants. Elon is great because everyone has problems, but people who are rich shouldn’t worry about their money. I see people who are rich getting poorer and poorer…

Elon had tweeted a few days before that he liked Indian food. Kangana gave her opinion about that message. In her letter, Kangana asked, “How many more reasons are you going to give us to love you even more?” Ever since Elon took over Twitter, Kangana has been very vocal about how much she likes him. A few years ago, Kangana’s Twitter account was closed because she “continually broke Twitter rules.” In 2018, she showed up again on Twitter.