Akhil’s Dheera has a record-breaking budget.

Throughout his career, Akhil Akkineni has not yet accomplished anything of note. The young person’s most recent piece of writing, which was titled Agent, was a total and utter failure. The actor is now on vacation, and he has not provided any information on forthcoming projects or parts at this time. Anil Kumar, who will be making his debut as a filmmaker, will helm his next film, which will be produced by UV Creations and will be directed by Anil Kumar.

The most up-to-date details indicate that the movie may be categorised as a kind of drama known as serial and that it has a substantial quantity of action. It has been anticipated by the film’s producers that the overall cost of producing the movie would be one hundred crores of rupees; however, this figure is subject to change.

For the time being, the film’s producers are willing to put in an investment equal to one hundred crores of rupees in Akhil. With the current status of his market, taking this step would be fraught with significant danger. If the movie turns out to be a huge hit, recovering the money spent on the investment shouldn’t be too tough.

The film will be properly introduced to the public under the pseudonym Dheera the following month when the name Dheera was selected as the final moniker for the film. It is said that Akhil would play a pivotal role in Nagarjuna’s 100th film, the name of which will be disclosed the year after the next one.