Happy Birthday Wishes from Hrithik Roshan to NTR in Telugu.

It’s Jr. NTR’s birthday today. Everyone with a curiosity may now see the first Devara teaser. Simhadri4K, one of his earlier films, had its world premiere today in more than a thousand theatres. Nowadays, NTR is well-known on all of the many digital platforms that are available. Several well-known Telugu speakers are now wishing #ManOfMassesNTR NTR a happy birthday. A happy birthday to you, NTR!

If that is the case, then the birthday greetings Hrithik Roshan sent to NTR are, to put it mildly, unbelievable. #War2 He conversed with others in Telugu as well. Everyone believes that NTR’s career has taken off after a well-known Bollywood actor sent him good vibes in Telugu. This is because Telugu is NTR’s native language.

The next Bollywood blockbuster, which will star NTR and Hrithik Roshan, is ready to go into production. With the release of “Raaz 3,” a movie that is based on the criminal thriller genre and stars Indian superstar NTR, NTR makes his debut in the Bollywood film industry. The director is Ayaan Mukherjee. It’s possible that everyone would presume that NTR would be making his Bollywood debut after reading Hrithik Roshan’s post.

This is due to the obscure wording used in the communication. Let’s catch up soon, Hrithik tweeted. This information gives some credence to the rumours that they are working on “War 2,” which is often abbreviated as #War2 on social media. NTR’s Devara is directed by Koratala Siva. The title of this film wasn’t widely known by the general public until quite recently. The actor who plays the bad guy in this movie is Saif Ali Khan. He is the one who makes most of the problems.