Hema was always apart from Dharmendra’s first family, daughter Isha violated tradition, how was the stepmother meeting?

The life of Dharmendra, also known as “Heiman,” is well known. After his first marriage and four kids, Hema¬†fell in love with again. They stayed together and got married. Even though Dharmendra and Hema have been married for 43 years, their sons-in-law have never met. They’ve never been to the other person’s house.

Prakash Kaur and Hema Malini are step sisters. Even though they don’t agree, they never say so. Even though they have been married for 43 years, Hema has never been to Prakash Kaur’s house. His daughter moved in with her stepmother, which was not the norm.

Dharmendra married Hema in 1980. Even though they are married, Dharmendra’s wives haven’t seen each other in 43 years. Even though his wives never met, Dharmendra went to both homes. Hema never went to see Dharmendra’s first wife or her home. After they got married, Dharmendra and Hema moved into a new home. In Hema’s biography, it says that she, Isha, and Ahana have never been to Prakash Kaur. Isha met her stepmother and her family. About 2015.

Esha Deol is said to have gone to Dharmendra’s first home. This happened when Ajit Deol, Dharmendra’s brother, was sick. Dharmendra told Hema’s daughters that he wanted to meet all of the children in the house. Isha met Dharmendra when he was living in his first home. Isha and Ajit met through his half-brother Sunny Deol.