No information on Nag’s upcoming film’s filming date


Nag Akkineni, Chay Akkineni, and Akhil Akkineni have all recently been in films that didn’t do well at the box office This has made things hard for the Akkineni family. To get back to the topic at hand, it seems that Nagarjuna, in particular, has recently taken a break from working on multiple film projects.

Nag’s two most recent posts on social media were well-wishes to Agency and Custody, in which he said what he hoped for their success and what he thought would help them do well. Custody and Agency were the ones Nag was happy for. This concludes our discussion. Since then, he has never given any new information or information that has been changed.

Chay’s Custody didn’t use Nag in any of its ads, and Nag didn’t take part in any of them either. Custody is the only one of Chay and Akhil’s movies where Nag didn’t do any advertising. This is a bit surprising, since Chay and Akhil always have Nag do at least one marketing campaign for their movies. Custody was the only movie that Chay and Akhil made for which Nag did not do any advertising.

No new information has come out about when Nag will start filming his next movie. Even though Prasanna Kumar Bezawada is thought to be the one who will write the script, there has been no official announcement about it yet. It looks like Nag is currently on a break and has stopped doing anything related to films for the foreseeable future. Nag seems to be the one who made this choice.