Prashant Neel Leaves Frustratedly

Prabhas and KGF Fame Prashanth neel worked together for the Salaar project. Prashanth Neel is being made into one of the biggest and most ambitious mass-market projects in the history of Indian cinema, so it’s important that it does well. As was to be expected, Prabhas’s fans are looking forward to the end of this project very much.

On the other hand, Prashanth Neel’s enthusiasm has turned into a burden. Fans of Prabhas have been waiting impatiently for news about Salaar, which they think will be one of the actor’s most successful projects. They have been bothering Neel about the same thing over and over again, asking for updates.

In particular, Twitter users have been talking about Neel a lot and asking for news about Salaar. Neel hasn’t said anything about any of these comments. Since there hasn’t been much new content on Salaar for a long time, a small number of users have started calling Neel names. Neel has decided to stop using Twitter, which shows how unhappy he is with the way things are right now.

He has stopped people from using his account. It’s possible that the constant pressure he felt from social media drove him to the point of exhaustion, so he decided to take a break from it for a while. In a related story, the producer of Salaar, Vijay Kirangadur, has also left Twitter. He has deactivated his account handle. The two people who worked on Salaar had to work hard to meet the expectations of Prabhas’s fans.