Facts About Samantha and Varun Dhawan’s Lip Lock Moments

Facts About Samantha and Varun Dhawan

Facts About Samantha and Varun DhawanThe Hindi version of Citadel, which starred Samantha and Varun Dhawan, was directed by Raj and DK, who had previously made The Family Man. Changes were made to this version of Citadel so that it takes place in India. Some of the great actors who are part of the International Citadel ensemble group are Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden.

After the movie Citadel came out everywhere, there were a lot of rumours about the private moments Samantha and Varun Dhawan had on-screen. Varun Dhawan and Samantha were the main subjects of these rumours. Several news sources said that Samantha and Varun would kiss a lot in the Indian version of the movie, just like they did in the movie’s international version.

On the other hand, Samantha’s team members set the record straight and stopped the rumours. Samantha is in charge of the project, but everyone helps out. They were very clear that there would be no scenes of Varun and Samantha making out or kissing or doing anything else that could be seen as sexually explicit.

Also, it was said that there won’t be any scenes with any other kind of sexually explicit behaviour. Several websites have said that the Indian version of Citadel could work independently from the international version. This is because the Indian and worldwide versions of Citadel can’t always be used in place of each other.