Gopichand Is To Romance A Young Actress


Vedha movie fame Harsha, a well-known Kannada film director, is about to start his career in Tollywood with Tollywood Macho Man Gopichand, KK Radhamohan, who is working through Sri Sathya Sai Arts at the moment, is responsible for paying the project’s costs. The woman who Gopichand likes in the movie will be played by a young actress named Malavika Sharma, according to the most recent and reliable information about the film.

Malavika Sharma’s most recent roles were in the films “Nela Ticket” and “Red,” which were both directed by Ravi Teja and Ram Pothineni, respectively. Both of these films were Malavika Sharma’s most recent ones. Harsha was looking for a new girlfriend  for Gopichand when he was single so that he could spend time with them.

He chose to get in touch with Malavika Sharma because, in his opinion, she was the candidate with the most relevant skills for the movie. She can also dance, which is yet another of her many talents. Because she had a lot going for her, it was a great idea to make her the main character in the movie. Also, the actress is thrilled that Gopichand31 gave her the chance to take part. There is a good chance that we will hear from the Confirmation in the very near future.

Malavika Sharma Latest pic