Pavitra Lokesh is Like my mother. Emotional VK Naresh

Pavitra Lokesh

Pavitra Lokesh“Malli Pelli” is the title of the film made by VK Naresh and distributed by the renowned film production firm Vijaya Krishna Pictures. On May 26, a film starring VK Naresh, Pavitra Lokesh, Vanitha Vijaykumar, and Sarath Babu will be shown in theatres. MS Raju, a well-known producer, served as the film’s director. The actor VK Naresh delivered an impassioned speech at a pre-release event in Hyderabad as part of the promotion for this film.

my feeling of collective membership, which I bring to the stage. My supporters and those that work in the film business are really assisting me, therefore I’m progressing. When discussing stuff like films, speak about actual life. When I was little, I enjoyed watching Krishna and Vijaya Nirmala put on their cosmetics to get ready for the day. When I was 19, she wanted me to marry her so she could assist someone else. Yet it was of no assistance to anybody. I made the decision to improve my life once again, but that resolution remained but a pipe dream.

You’re mistaken if you believe that both good and negative things have occurred recently. Many times worse things have occurred. I eventually heard from my mum that I had abandoned everything. For him, I came up with the concept. She still found it heartbreaking that she couldn’t provide children with a joyful existence. Yet it makes no difference. On the other side, Pavitra Lokesh informed that she had met another mother after she and he had split up.

My life has already experienced far too much living. Onscreen life is pleasant. But, the world in which we live is not a nice one. But, I met another mother who had given birth after me when I became 50. I won’t say anything more at this point. We search for a life partner—someone we can love, trust, and spend time with—when we get married. People search for their strengths as they become older. On the other side, Pavitra Lokesh believed I had finally understood the purpose of my life. VK Naresh expressed gratitude to all who revered Mahesh and Krishna for their assistance.