Nagarjuna is in search of a Mass Director


NagarjunaThere have been a lot of speculations and rumours about the plot of Nagarjuna’s 99th film, but nobody really knows. Since none of the veteran actor’s most recent films were commercially successful, he is lifting extreme care in his professional life.

He pushed for the film to be redone in Malayalam, and the intention was for the writer Prasanna Kumar to helm the project. In spite of this, there are a great many differences between the two, which is why Nag and the producers came to the conclusion that they needed to find a mass director. Nag is holding out hope that a mass director will accept to take control of the initiative at some point.

The next step will be taken with the project after a decision has been reached on who will take the helm of it. In addition to that, Nag is reading and rereading several scripts. If he comes across a fresh screenplay that he enjoys reading even more than the remake, he has said that he would abandon the remake.

The 99th film that Nagarjuna will appear in will be directed by Srinivasaa Chitturi, who will also serve as the film’s producer. Also, he is now in discussion with Mohan Raja about his 100th feature, and a decision on this endeavour is anticipated to be made in 2019. Annapurna Studios is going to be the production company for the film, and Akhil Akkineni is going to have a significant part in the film.