A car ran over and killed a 3-year-old child in Hyderabad.

A car ran over and killed a 3-year-old child in Hyderabad

A car ran over and killed a 3-year-old child in HyderabadA three-year-old child was playing in the parking lot of Lecturers’ Colony, which is in Hayathnagar Hyderabad. A car hit him and killed him. On the spot, the child was said to be dead. When Hari Rama Krishna was trying to park his car, he ran over a sleeping girl named Laxmi, which was caught on surveillance video. The camera took a picture of what happened.

The girl’s pregnant mother took her to the flat so that both of them could get out of the oppressive summer heat. She got comfortable in the parking lot by putting a blanket around her and falling asleep next to Laxmi. After getting home, Krishna was driving his car in the usual spot when he ran over and killed the young woman. He put his car in the same spot where he always puts it.

A quote about Krishna says that he said he couldn’t see the girl because she was covered up. The police were the ones who started the investigation. There have been a lot of things like this happen in Hyderabad. Two young children were killed when a car hit them while they were playing in Hyderabad’s Chitrapuri Colony. The car was pulling out of the basement parking lot when it hit the children.

When the driver turned left in front of three children who were playing on the ground, the car hit them and killed two of them. One of the kids was hurt badly enough that they had to go to the hospital, but the other only had minor injuries. Because of these terrible events, more safety measures need to be put in place right away in the parking lots of apartment complexes.