Prabhas shows again that he has a Golden Heart.


prabhasPrabhas works closely with UV Creations, which is known as one of the most important production companies in the Telugu film industry. Most people agree that Prabhas has a financial stake in the company that makes films. They were to blame for two of the worst failures, Saaho and Radhe Shyam.

The production company is in a lot of financial trouble right now, and UV Creations hopes that the right movie will help them get back on their feet. As payment for his work, Prabhas was given the rights to show Adipurush in Telugu theatres, and he signed the contract for that. He gave it to UV Creations on the condition that they pay them back for some of the money they lost.

When Prabhas agreed to be in the movie, it was thought to be worth 80 crores of rupees. UV Creations will feel a lot better now that People Media Factory has paid a lot of money to buy the Telugu theatrical rights. They also sold their Sandeep Vanga’s Spirit holdings to make up for the money they had lost before.

Everything that happened happened while Prabhas was there. The famous actor also told People Media Factory that they would be safe because of the films they made. Also, they are making a movie with Prabhas and Maruthi. Once again, the pan-Indian actor showed that he is a gentleman. Even though he is very busy working on several films at once, he cares about his coworkers and UV Creations.