Fantastic Choice of Films by Nikhil

nikhil future movies

nikhil future moviesYoung hero Nikhil who became famous throughout India as a result of Karthikeya 2 is currently planning some quite intriguing projects. He is currently working on four projects, each of which appears to be equally intriguing as the last.

It has been reported that his upcoming film, SPY, which is scheduled for release on June 29th, is based on the untold narrative of Subhas Chandra Bose. After that, he would work on India Gate for Abhishek Agarwal and Ram Charan’s V Mega Pictures. Then, his 20th film, an epic mythological film, will be released, followed by Karthikeya 3, the third part in the Karthikeya series.

The inhabitants of Pan-India will find that each of these four films offers a unique and engaging experience. He is a hero with excellent planning abilities, from script selection to production to promotion. This will likely inspire envy among other champions.  nikhil