Samantha’s immense arms are on show at the gym.

Samantha immense arms are on show at the gym

Samantha immense arms are on show at the gymSamantha Ruth Prabhu, a renowned actress, viewed the recent release of “Shaakunthalam” as a formidable challenge. This was her first film that dealt with mythology, but the audience did not seem to appreciate it. The film received negative reviews and a low box office gross upon its initial release. This is anticipated to result in enormous losses.

Currently, the actress is working on both the Telugu romantic comedy “Khushi” and the Indian adaptation of the action web series “Citadel.” Everyone is pondering their fitness goals after she recently posted a selfie of herself at the gym displaying her stunning physique, which has sparked widespread interest. She chose to showcase her sculpted physique by donning white leggings and a crop top.

Her muscular arms had captivated the attention of everyone. In a viral social media post, Samantha and her personal trainer utilised the hashtag #FridayFitness. Samantha portrays the female protagonist in the Indian adaptation of “Citadel” directed by Raj and DK. The protagonist has been cast as Varun Dhawan, and production has already begun.

As most of us are aware, she has been selected as the female lead in the film “Khushi,” directed by Shiva Nirvana. This film, set for release on September 1, 2023, will star Vijay Deverakonda in the main role. There are rumours that she may portray the female protagonist in the impending film by Siddhu Jonnalagadda, which will also feature Nandini Reddy.