Former Team India coach says don’t compare Gill to them.

Former Team India coach says compare Gill to them.

Former Team India coach says compare Gill to them.Shubman Gill is a young Player from India who is good at everything he does. Indian cricket fans have reason to be hopeful because Gill has scored hundreds in all three formats. Shubman Gill, a rising star on Team India, keeps getting hundreds. Both in the IPL final and in the one-day internationals against Sri Lanka, he played very well. Gill had high expectations for the ICC World Test Championship.

Team India fans think that Gill will replace Sachin and Kohli because of how well he has done. Gary Kirsten was the coach of the Gujarat Titans team that won the ODI World Cup in 2011. He said it wasn’t fair to put Gill in the same league as other great cricket players.

Gill is a young person, according to what Kirsten told Cricbuzz. A talented teen player who wants to make it big. Sachin and Kohli’s paths should not be put next to Gill’s. I think that he can play all three sports for India. He said that such a player and performance are rare now, especially since T20 cricket has become more popular.

Kirsten says that Gil is more sure of himself this season than last. He is good at coming up with plans. This season, he has been praised for knowing what his strengths are and using them in every game. Kirsten thinks that Gill should be captain, too. Gill said that he’s a great coworker who knows a lot about the game. Shubman thinks he has what it takes to do well in all sports as a member of Team India, but the success of his career will depend on how he handles the problems that are coming up.