Jhansi-Pradeep’s remunerations will go crazy at Aadi Purush!

Jhansi Pradeep adi purush

Jhansi Pradeep adi purushAt the moment, wherever you look in the film industry, AdiPurush is heard in a wide range of places. In a nutshell, Prabhas has become a big hit in the industry because of the publicity he has received throughout the country. It has become obvious that on social media, the recent pre-release event for Aadi Purush has gained a lot of attention.

As Prabhas gained popularity as a pan-Indian hero, Adi Purush will be screened in theaters on June 16. This is Prabhas’ third pan-India movie. At the pre-release event for Aadi Purush, a grand event was held. However, now it appears that the remuneration paid to Pradeep, who hosted the pre-release event at Aadi Purush, has become viral. Apparently, in the news that is making the rounds on social media, Jhansi has been claiming that it spent 1,10,000 for hosting this event, as per the news that has been spreading around.

Pradeep charged 50,000/-. It is well known that Pradeep’s demand has raised the rate. However, the highlight of the entire event was Jhansi, which had its own special meaning. Pradeep had difficulty understanding the Hindi language introduced at the event. Many people comment that only Jhansi has succeeded in bringing this event to life in her own unique style with her voice.