Kollywood Interested to Give Chances to Sreeleela

sreeleela kollywood offers

sreeleela kollywood offersSince she is now working on roughly six projects at the same time, Sreeleela is considered to be Tollywood’s busiest actress. There are rumours that she is the only actress in India who does two shifts simultaneously around the clock. Both of her occupations need her to be on set at all hours.

It is hardly surprising for her to behave in this manner given how chaotic her shooting schedule is. There are now six films being produced, and another two or three are in the planning phases of production.

Due of her prominence in Tollywood, a number of well-known Tamil film producers reached out to her in order to invite her to star in one of their productions. But, she declined their proposals in a kind manner. Sreeleela does not want to take any risks at this point since it seems like Tollywood would be successful.

She doesn’t plan on beginning anything new till all of these Telugu films have been completed and released. Since she has her sights set on greater financial success, she has decided against working in the Kollywood film industry.