Om Raut and Kriti Sanon’s kissing habit creates criticism from Dipika.

Om Raut and Kriti Sanon's kissing habit creates criticism from Dipika.

Om Raut and Kriti Sanon's kissing habit creates criticism from Dipika.Om Raut, who directed the movie “Adipurush,” and Kriti Sanon recently went to the Tirupati Balaji temple. Their arrival caused a debate, and some people on the Internet were not happy about it. A widely shared video shows Om kissing Kriti on the lips, which the head priest of the temple thinks is wrong.

Dipika Chikhlia, who is known for playing Sita in Ramanand Sagar’s TV show Ramayan, said she was disgusted by what happened in response to claims that it hurt religious feelings. Dipika criticised the actions in an interview with a news website. She also said that it is a big problem with modern artists that they don’t really feel like their characters or understand how they feel.

She said that it seemed like they only saw the Ramayana as a movie and had nothing spiritual to do with it. Dipika said, in reference to the hugging at the Lord Venkateswara temple in Tirupati, that Kriti is part of the current generation of artists for whom a kiss or embrace is a welcome sign. She went on to say that Kriti would never have said that about Sita ji, which shows how important emotions are in these situations.

Dipika says that even though she played Sita, modern actors just see it as a role and don’t care about it after the movie or project is done. Dipika made a connection between the past and the present by talking about a time when no one would dare say their names on stage and when people would come up to them during performances and stroke their feet.  She said that at the time, they were treated like saints and that people were not allowed to hug or even touch them.

Dipika thought that after Adipurush came out, the actors would move on to other projects and stop playing their roles. However, this has never happened. People thought of them as beings from heaven who had come to Earth, so they did their best not to upset anyone.