Prabhas will begin filming his eagerly awaited new film.


PrabhasAbout two years ago, it was said that Prabhas and Sandeep Reddy Vanga, who directed the movie Arjun Reddy, would work together on the pan-Indian film Spirit. Most people were happy about this news, and fans have been eagerly waiting for the director to show a previously unknown, unpolished side of the Rebel Star. This is the famous actor’s 25th full-length movie.

Animal, which is being made right now and will come out on August 11, is being directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga and stars Ranbir Kapoor. Insiders in Bollywood are interested in the leaked photos and video of Ranbir Kapoor as a violent and rebellious character. After “Animal,” the director will start pre-production on “Spirit” right away.

Prabhas will also be free after Salaar, since most of the projects he is still working on will be done by then. Over the past few years, the pan-Indian actor has been working on a lot of different projects, including Adipurush, which will come out next week along with Salaar, Project K, and Maruthi’s film.

By the end of this year, when he will have a lot of free time, Prabhas will start making the movie Spirit. Rumor has it that the actor from Rebel will make his film debut as a police officer in this movie. Fans of Prabhas have wanted to see him as a police officer for a long time, so this has brought a lot of attention to the movie.