Gopichand is working with Kannada director

Gopichand is a rustic actor whose most recent film, titled Rama Banam, was not successful at the box office. He is now collaborating with one of the most well-known directors in Kannada, A Harsha, on the production of his 31st film. Sri Sathya Sai Arts, which is owned and operated by KK Radhamohan, is going to produce the film. 14 is the total number of productions that were made for the film.

A little while ago, the team attended the formal Pooja ceremony that was held at the film department. According to the producer, the filmmaker has thought of an intriguing manner to present the new role that Gopichand would play in the show. This month marks the beginning of production on the next film. There will be an official project update and further information provided on the 12th of June.

This is Harsha’s first performance in a Telugu film. This is his debut film in Telugu, yet he has a long history of directing blockbuster films in Kannada. It is reported that he directed an expensive action film that had a significant amount of family drama as well as other elements. Since Gopichand is so skilled at handling stories of this kind, we anticipate that the action star will do well at the box office.

The film will be created via the collaborative efforts of a number of well-known industry professionals. The director of photography for the film will be Swamy J, while Ravi Basrur of KGF will be in charge of composing the score for the film. Ramana Vanka is the one in charge of ensuring that the movie has a polished appearance.