They’re in love! Lavanya Tripathi drops a hint!

Theyre in love! Lavanya Tripathi drops a hint!

Theyre in love! Lavanya Tripathi drops a hint!Lavanya Tripathi and Varun Tej, both of whom have appeared in Tollywood movies, have announced that they have announced they will be getting married soon. Their engagement ceremony was held at their home over the weekend, and a private ceremony was held for the couple.

Lavanaya has recently shared some posts on her social media pages about her relationship with Varun, and she has stated in one of her posts that she gave her heart to him back in 2016. As we all know, this was when Varun and Lavanya were working together for Mister! There has been no doubt that Varun and Lavanya have fallen in love with each other over the course of the film, even though the film was a disaster, and have now decided to spend the rest of their lives as a couple.

The relationship between Varun and Lavanya has existed for more than six years now, and now that they are having a successful relationship, they have decided to take their relationship to the next level by getting married as soon as possible in the near future. Their relationship goes back six years, and they have been dating each other ever since.

In an attempt to make the wedding celebrations as unique and memorable as possible, I have heard rumors that the families plan to have the ceremony at a destination bar in Italy. In the course of planning their wedding, the couple is even booking a beautiful resort in a scenic location in Italy for their wedding to be held in July and is planning to have it there.

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