Mahesh Babu fans are upset with Trivikram!

Mahesh fans are upset with Trivikram

Mahesh fans are upset with TrivikramTrivikram Srinivas has always been the favourite of Mahesh Babu fans. Athadu and Khaleja are two films that will always be remembered because of the main character. Fans went crazy when Mahesh and Trivikram said they would get back together after a long time apart. The response to the first trailer, which came out on May 31, showed how much people were looking forward to this project.

Things are not going as planned, though. Fans of the Mahesh are getting more and more worried about the delays in filming. Mahesh goes on vacations often, while Trivikram focuses on other things. Recently, he was in an ad for the Bunny movie “Aha” and wrote the dialogue for Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming movie “BRO.” On social media, Mahesh’s supporters have made the hashtag #WakeUpGunturKaaramTeam to show how sad they are.

The author of “Naga Vamsi” tweeted, “Unified and Exciting! Guntur Kaaram,” which has been used in a number of other Trivikram films in recent years. There will soon be a great update. Keep your senses alert!” There have been rumours that “Pushpa 2” director Trivikram and actor Allu Arjun will work together again. With Naga Vamsi’s release of this information, which suggests that the “Ala Vaikunthapuramlo” crew may get back together, Mahesh’s fans are furious with the star director for ignoring their hero’s film in favour of other projects.

In the middle of all of this, there are rumours that Mahesh is unhappy with Thaman and that the original music composer has been replaced by a Tamil musician, which adds to the problems. Watch what goes on while we wait.