The Next Target for Anil Ravipudi Is NTR

NTR anil ravipoodi

NTR anil ravipoodiAnil Ravipudi has been the clear master in non-movie entertainment over the past several years. The successful filmmaker is not like the typical director who concerns only about producing films and has no regard for his appearance or reputation. He creates excellent dance videos, hosts comedy contests, and engages in numerous other entertaining activities. Even though his humour in films has been criticised, he remains one of Tollywood’s most intriguing actors.

We know he is currently working on “Bhagavanth Kesari.” People are ecstatic to witness Balakrishna’s influence for the first time. Filming the personnel swaying to Balayya’s most popular songs is his idea for a new promotional strategy. Even though the film is scheduled to be released on Dasara, there are numerous rumours regarding his next endeavour.

According to reports, he is sending a script to NTR in an attempt to convince him to collaborate with him. Even though “F4” is a possibility, many people believe that Anil Ravipudi desires to alter his company’s reputation. He desires to be recognised for more than just producing comedic films. In “Bhagawanth Kesari,” he will demonstrate his populist leanings. If it succeeds, the protagonists will be more willing to collaborate with him.

Anil Ravipudi aspires to ascend to the highest levels, so he desires to prove to everyone that he is capable of producing outstanding mass entertainment on par with the industry’s elite. According to rumour, Anil is always pleased to work with Charan, but he is also penning the screenplay for the film Young Tiger. After the release of Balayya’s film, he hopes to collaborate with one of these two individuals on his next endeavour. Observe what transpires while we wait.