Attacks on YouTubers by Rakesh Master’s Son

The unexpected passing of dance choreographer Rakesh Master stunned the entire dance industry. After returning from shooting in Vizag and travelling to Hyderabad, Rakesh master became ill and required medical attention. The commander of the Rakesh had travelled to the city of Visakhapatnam. Despite everyone’s best efforts, he could not be saved and perished.

Charan Master, the son of Rakesh Master, recently stated that social media caused his father’s demise. Charan Master is the son of Rakesh Master. Supposedly, Charan once stated, “Social media was the most significant factor in my father’s passing.” Several YouTube channels have profited from the popularity of my father by capitalising on it.

Everyone was made aware that he was not a decent person. Cease uploading such videos to the Internet immediately. Please do not upload any videos of him to the Internet and refrain from discussing him or our family on social networking sites. We cannot absolve you at this time because you have caused so much suffering to our family.

After the speaker expressed his displeasure to Charan, Charan advised him to stop inquiring, “What are your plans for the future?” What do you struggle with specifically? Also, I implore you to cease behaving as though we are depressed. Please avoid bringing sorrow into our lives. Please. If someone continues to probe into our affairs, I will have to file a formal complaint with the appropriate authorities.