Ashu Reddy addresses the alleged narcotics deals.

Ashu Reddy’s name has been in the news since yesterday because she is considered to have had something to do with producer KP Chowdary’s drug issue. Even the reputation of the veteran actress Surekha Vani was at risk in this case.

Sources say that Ashu Reddy was one of the consumers named in the case against the drug producer and distributor. But the actress said on social media that she has nothing to do with what happened. She said in a statement that “everyone is worried.” Some news websites are spreading a lot of false information about the relationships I have with different people. If that happens, I will strongly disagree with it and let the right people know what happened. No one will give out my phone number.

KP Chowdary was recently arrested in Hyderabad on suspicion of drug trafficking. He is thought to have gotten the drugs from a Nigerian man in Goa. The producer and distributor made a Telugu version of Rajinikanth’s Kabali and put money into a few films before losing money and running away to Goa to open a club. A police report says that a number of famous people and his friends from Hyderabad went to his club to use illegal drugs.

Contrary to what most people think, the authorities have not revealed the names of the actors and other famous people who were involved in the case. Even though the investigation is still going on, more information is likely to come out.