The Reaction of the netizens to Chiranjeevi’s Teaser

The next film starring Megastar Chiranjeevi, which goes by the name “Bhola Shankar,” is scheduled to make its debut in theatres at some point during the month of August. It is a reproduction of the Tamil movie “Vedalam,” which made its debut in theatres in the year 2015, and it is an exact copy of the original.

After a lengthy hiatus from the film industry, Meher Ramesh is resuming her role as a director with the movie “Shadow,” which was directed by Venkatesh and released in 2013. The most recent film that Meher Ramesh appeared in was directed by Venkatesh.

The teaser was made available online the day before yesterday, and although the response from mega fans has been overwhelmingly positive, with some comparing it to another classic effort from Chiranjeevi like Waltair Veerayya, there is also some commentary that is ambivalently critical of the Megastar’s choices. Do research on a selection of them based on the list that is shown further down.