Why Did Venu Swamy Do Pooja For The Heroine?

Why Did Venu Swamy Do Pooja For The Heroine?

Why Did Venu Swamy Do Pooja For The Heroine?Astrologer Venu Swamy is well-known and doesn’t need to be introduced. He became famous by predicting what would happen to famous people based on their horoscopes. He has already looked at the horoscopes of many famous people. But he became famous when he said that Samantha and Naga Chaitanya would break up. After that, people began to believe him. He also knows what will happen.

When his predictions started coming true, people from all walks of life started to believe him. Actresses from Tollywood started coming up to him and asking him to lead special poojas. Nidhi Agerwal and Rashmika Mandanna have both recently had poojas done for them. It’s surprising to see Dimple Hayathi, a young girl who is the main character, on the list. The most popular thing on social media right now is a video of the same event.

Venu Swamy led an unusual pooja while Vedic music played in the background. A video of Dimple Hayathi playing the yagam quickly spread through social media. People say that the religious ceremony lasted almost three hours. As a result, more people paid attention to Venu Swamy. People on the Internet don’t understand why a certain pooja was done.

The pooja ceremony was set up, the source said, because Dimple Hayathi is having trouble with her film career and personal problems. A recent news story was about Dimple Hayathi’s fight with a police officer. This is seen as another reason why pooja is done.

Even though she is smart, Dimple Hayathi hasn’t had much success yet. Both Ramabanam and Khiladi did not do well at the box office. Sources say that the pooja was also done to wish for her to have a successful career. Dimple Hayathi works for Shankar’s company, Indian 2, which makes films.